Our products are highly efficient in terms of strength and durability since the gears are manufactured using moldings forged from premium steel. After the forging process, the forged moldings are processed on CNC machines, then its teeth are formed and tested. After carbonitriding carried out in the high technology gas system heat treatment furnaces, the gears are grinded precisely on CNC machines, then they are matched and synced up on Gleason machines. Our gears are produced by passing through quality control processes at every stage of manufacturing.

At the and of manufacture, the products are packaged and ready for shipment.

Our company has canalized its investment of manufacturing plant into the machines which is used in manufacturing spiral bevel-hypoid gear and straight bevel gear. Also, the manufacturing level of differential ring gear, differential pinion set, and agricultural machine’s gearboxes is considerably high. In the manufacturing of differential ring gear, we use GLEASON system and all process complies with world class manufacturing.


Product Min. Module Max. Module Min. Diameter Max. Diameter Production Capacity
Hypoid-Spiral Bevel Gears 1 mn 24 mn 50 mm 800 mm 30.000 Set
Straight Bevel Gears 1 mn 10 mn 30 mm 250 mm 25.000 Set
Spur - Helical Gears 1 mn 12 mn 20 mm 800 mm 30.000 Set


Our company have been continuing its activity with a sense of manufacturing without sacrificing quality since the day it is established.

Our Control Policy

Sense of manufacturing without sacrificing quality!

Our company picks and chooses the materials which are needed technically in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, all the manufacturing process is carefully inspected.

Quality is one of the most important issues in the manufacturing of our company. Quality is meticulously controlled not only at the last stage but also at every stage of manufacturing.

With the production forms that our company has followed, the quality is constantly controlled and recorded. Accordingly, since all stages and possible problems that may occur during the manufacturing process are monitored, in case of a problem, the stage of the problem is determined and corrected. Thereby, poor quality and faulty manufacture is prevented.

The quality control of semi-manufactured products at the production stage is carried out with great care with the test, analysis and measurement devices owned by our company. Reports on production and quality control results are delivered together with the products in accordance with the demands from our customers.